National Consultant- Introduction of Professional Development Programme

Country: Myanmar
Language: EN
Number: 2148447
Publication date: 23-05-2017
Source: United Nations Procurement Notices (UNDP)


National Consultant- Introduction of Professional Development Programme
Procurement Process : Other
Office : 9 Region and State Hluttaws - MYANMAR
Deadline : 01-Jun-17
Posted on : 23-May-17
Development Area : CONSULTANTS
Reference Number : 37921
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00074042 - Parliamentary Support
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Under the current Constitution of Myanmar 2008 there are two levels of elected parliaments (Hluttaws) – at the Union (national) level and at the level of Regions and States. The 14 Region and State Hluttaws vary greatly in size and composition from 20 members in Kayah State to 138 members in Shan State. In total, the 14 Region and State Hluttaws have 659 elected Members, along with 221 military appointees. Since 2013 UNDP supported Region and State Hluttaws as a group, familiarizing MPs and staff with basic concepts, the separation of power, the role and functions of parliament and the budget process.


The second term of the Region and State Hluttaws started in early 2016. The turnover of elected MPs from the first Hluttaw was over 90 per cent. The many new MPs require insight into how an effective parliament functions and how they can approach their duties effectively. For this purpose UNDP conducts a professional development programme for all Region and State Hluttaw MPs.


The programme takes the form of a self-study course for Region and State Hluttaw Members. It is based on the existing online course ‘Parliaments in Practice’. This course introduces principles and practices of parliaments and the work of an MP through 8 modules. (the course is available online at The course consists of both text and interactive features, such as diagrams, exercises and a testing component, all of which enhance the learning experience. The course has been adapted to fit the context of Myanmar’s Region and State Hluttaws and is made available as an online course and a mobile phone application. Both are also available to available to the interested public free of charge.


Under the professional development programme the course is being introduced to all 14 Region and State Hluttaws.


The introduction of the course began with five roll-out sessions at the Mandalay, Kachin, Mon, Kayin and and Chin Region and State Hluttaws in 2016 and early 2017. The programme approach was successful in building ICT skills for MPs along with building their knowledge on the course material. Taking into account the lessons learned from the first phase of implementation, the programme will continue in slightly adapted form.


The programme for the 9 remaining Region and State Hluttaws will be very similar to the first five sessions. The training will be held at the 9 Hluttaw premises and will include a technical tutorial for staff and MPs on accessing the course, a live demonstration of course content and functions for MPs, self-paced learning for MPs, and question and answer sessions for MPs, where they can discuss the course material and receive clarifications. The training team will be composed of the national consultant and ICT trainers who will be responsible for the delivery of the technical tutorials for staff and for MPs The team will be supported by UNDP programme staff.


To present the course to Members and to facilitate discussions in roll out session at 9 Region and State Hluttaws, UNDP requires the services of an experienced national consultant.

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